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If you have any additional questions, please call us at 800-684-9343 or send us an email at . Remember, your Alpha-Stim device comes with FREE technical support. We will be happy to talk with you. Yours in health, Allevia Health Support Team.


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Insurance Filing


We offer insurance filing services for Alpha-Stim® M when this device has been purchased or rented directly from Allevia Health, Inc. In order to file we will need our insurance filing form returned to us along with Statement of Medical Necessity and medical records related to Alpha-Stim.

Please note that coverage is highly variable and may be subject to deductibles, allowable amounts, co-pays, etc.

We regret that we are not able to file with Medicare/Medicaid, with private plans associated with Medicare, or with Tricare. For VA claims, please contact us for more information.

Insurance Filing Process

Insurance Authorization Form

Please contact us to request our Insurance Claim and Assignment Authorization Form.

Submit Your Information

Please send us (a) Insurance Authorization Form, (b) your Statement of Medical Necessity (or Rx), (c) medical records related to Alpha-Stim, and (d) a rent-to-own form or please call us with purchase information.

You may fax all documents at (888) 684-8414 or mail hardcopies to Allevia Health, Inc. at the address below. If you prefer, you may upload your files below (e.g., jpg, pdf, etc.)

We will ship your Alpha-Stim® to you immediately and offer follow-up support.

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Insurance Processing

It usually takes 30-60 days for an insurance company to fully process a claim for an Alpha-Stim® device. If your insurance claim is approved, the payment we receive from your insurance company will be applied to the purchase of your Alpha-Stim® or to the latter payments on your rent-to-own plan, thus eliminating those payments. If your insurance company pays the full retail price of your Alpha-Stim®, we will refund your rental payments, including the damage deposit, or the purchase amount entirely.

Filing Outcome

Please note that any information received from checking benefits is not binding to the insurance company and the end result may be different from verbal benefit quotes provided by insurance case managers. Under no circumstances can we guarantee a positive claim decision or any particular amount of payment.

You May Ask

Many private insurance companies will make a partial payment for the Alpha-Stim® M. It is helpful if there is a pain diagnosis. To check your benefits you can phone your insurance company and ask for your out-of-network DME benefits but ultimately it can be difficult to predict how a claim will be handled until it is processed.

Yes, we offer insurance filing services for our clients with private insurance who purchase or begin the rent-to-own plan for an Alpha-Stim M device. We do not file for the AID model at this time.

We regret that reimbursement by Medicare/Medicaid is unlikely at this time.

Yes, you can submit your invoice and Statement of Medical Necessity to your insurance company. They may also have a DME reimbursement claim form for you to fill out.

What if my insurance does not cover Alpha-Stim?

For most patients the Alpha-Stim® is partly, or entirely, an out-of-pocket expense. Clients with flexible spending accounts (medical FSA, HSA, HRA) may claim the cost of their device and supplies as qualified medical expenses. We also offer different rent-to-own options on both Alpha-Stim® models to meet your needs (please see our rental contract for details). You may return your rental device at any time, with no further payments due, or if you continue renting, you will ultimately own your device at the end of the rental period. Please keep in mind that even if you pay for your Alpha-Stim® out-of-pocket, given its efficacy and safety, this technology is one of the most cost effective treatment options available for the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain. It also comes with five year warranty and technical support for life at no extra charge.