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How to use your alpha-stim® device


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Watch a simple how-to video to learn how to use your Alpha-Stim AID device.

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treatment Protocol for Alpha-Stim® AID

Download a CES (earclip) treatment protocol for Alpha-Stim AID.


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treatment Protocols for Alpha-Stim® M

Download a complete set of CES (earclip) and MET (probes and self-adhesive AS-Trodes) treatment protocols and illustrated charts for Alpha-Stim M.


Alpha-Stim® M​ Training Video​

The Alpha-Stim M comprehensive how-to video teaches you how to use earclips, probes and AS-Trodes.

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Treating Upper Body with Probes

Treating Back with Probes

Treating Knee with Probes

1-Minute Upper Body Protocol

Using Self-Adhesive AS-trodes

Basic Rules of MET Protocol

Smart Probe Treatment Approach

1. Large "X"

First treat in a large “X” manner over a wide area holding the probes so that the current is directed through the problem area. An example of this strategy for knee pain would be to first make the large X by treating from the medial, superior thigh to the lateral foot, then lateral at the hip to the medial foot.

2. Small Star

Treat with smaller Xs, or a “star” (*) closer and directly around the involved knee (e.g., two obliques, one or two medial-lateral, one or two anterior-posterior, etc.).

3. Connect Both Sides

Connect the two knees by placing a probe on each knee at least four times (most important step).

4. Treat Opposite Site

Treat the opposite knee for at least 20 seconds (one X), even if it is asymptomatic

5. Always Follow Up with CES For Better Results

After EACH pain treatment, follow up with a cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) treatment for 20 to 60 minutes.

Basic Rules of MET Protocol

Additional Considerations

1. Always Connect Both Sides

Always connect both sides (Step 4) to treat spinal nerves and corresponding dermatomes and myotomes.

2. Consider Anatomy

When treating with probes or electrodes always consider anatomy, e.g., encompass the entire muscle. Do not treat just part of a muscle!

3. Press Hard

When using the probes, press fairly hard for a good contact and always bracket the area of pain. Adjust the current intensity to 600µA, or to a comfortable level on the head.

4. Assess Pain Levels

Re-evaluate pain about every 1 – 2 minutes (“treatment set”). Stop when pain is gone or if there is no further improvement after 2 or 3 sets, or when the patient feels stiffness (will wear off), but has no more pain.

5. AS-Trodes

Use AS-Trodes for acute pain problems, pain associated with wounds, fractures, decubitus ulcers, or if treatments with probes do not provide satisfactory results. Treat with AS-Trodes at 0.5 Hz and 100µA for at least 1 hour/day. Similar to probe protocols, bracket the area of pain when using AS-Trodes.
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