1 Illustrated owner's manual
2 Animated protocols on DVD
3 Step-by-step printed protocols

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Millions have experienced the benefits of Alpha-Stim.

  • After two long years of panic attacks, anxiety and depression I can honestly say I am 100% BETTER!!!!!!!!!
    Jane Stevenson // Spring Hill, FL
  • The little things that I used to make into big things now are little as they should be.
    Carol Mattern // Dallas, TX
  • The results are almost immediate and after only a few treatments you can feel it working.
    Nabil Drief // London, England
  • Thank you for making such a great product available to those of us who struggle with anxiety and are looking for treatment with something other than traditional medicines. It really does work.
    Cindy Wilson // Columbus, OH
  • I am also sleeping much better and feel more rested in the morning. As soon as I feel the anxiety coming on, I put on my Alpha-Stim.
    S. P. // Austin, TX
  • Words fall short in expressing the depth of gratitude I feel toward your company for making such an effective treatment available for people like me who have suffered from depression and anxiety!
    Lee Jones // Clanton, AL
  • I am thrilled with my Alpha-Stim. It has really helped with my insomnia and I am now sleeping like a baby.
    Candace Schoonover, PA-C // Davis, CA
  • I am very pleased and surprised by the results as I have tried virtually everything else and nothing has even come close to working this well.
    Fred Hughes // Corvallis, OR
  • The most notable change was my ability to remain in deep sleep throughout the night.
    Carmela DeNobile // Davis, CA
  • I believe Alpha Stim made a significant difference in my recovery and highly recommend it to anyone with sleeping problems, anxiety attacks, and depression.
    Mark Hansen // Woodstock, IL
  • I have never before sent a letter praising the attributes of any product, but unless anyone has experienced chronic pain, they couldn't begin to understand the true meaning of pain relief.
    James Foley // Palisades, CA
  • It has done wonders to control my pain. I no longer take pain pills 4 times a day.
    Stephanie Colliton // Four Lakes, WA
  • The frequency of breakthrough migraines is approaching zero and my energy level seems to be improving daily. This is unquestionably the best treatment response I have had.
    Jeanne Wharton, RN
  • After only 2 days of using the electrotherapy stimulator the pain has disappeared. I would not have believed this was possible if I had not experienced it for myself.
    Ralph Rust // Eugene, OR
  • I believe I will not need to take any more antidepressants or pain pills. With this Alpha-Stim I am confident I will be able to function normally once again without any side effects.
    Doreen Murphy // Bryan, TX