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Financing & Insurance

 A number of flexible payment options are available to assist you  with your next purchase of Alpha-Stim.

Allevia Health

Rent-to-Own Financing

We offer a popular financing option which is a zero interest rent-to-own program. With these rental plans, both models of Alpha-Stim can be rented for as little as $100/month and returned anytime during the rental period with no further obligation.  If you continue renting, all payments go towards owning your Alpha-Stim. Please download a copy of our rental plan for Alpha-Stim AID here. If you prefer renting the combination M model, you can download a rental agreement for Alpha-Stim M here

Please note that our rent-to-own plans are available in Oregon and Washington State only.

Pending availability, we also offer significant discounts on Certified Pre-Owned Devices of both models. These devices come with a 1-year warranty and free support. Please contact us (800-684-9343) for current availability and pricing.

Allevia Health

Private Insurance Claims

At this time we are able to file motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims, including Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims, and worker’s comp claims for either model of Alpha-Stim. Please let us know (800-684-9343) if you are interested in filing a claim with us. 

Additionally, since Alpha-Stim is a prescription device, this technology qualifies as a medical expense under health savings account (HSA) rules and we encourage clients to utilize their HSA accounts to purchase or rent Alpha-Stim devices for home use.

The Alpha-Stim AID has a new HCPCS billing code (K1002) which is applicable when this device is prescribed for anxiety or insomnia. If you have private insurance we encourage you to self-file following purchase and we can assist you with this process. Please note, the Alpha-Stim is always considered out-of-network at this time.


If you are a veteran with a practitioner at a VA facility, please speak with your practitioner about the Alpha-Stim, as some facilities are dispensing the Alpha-Stim. 

Please note that Medicare and Medicaid (including Apple Health and OHP) are not covering Alpha-Stim at this time and we are unable to file claims with them.