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Client Testimonials


Anxiety and Depression

Carol Mattern
Dallas, TX
... The product has been wonderful. I feel so much more relaxed and seem to let things slide off my back more now. I do not feel as tense as I used to feel. Life has changed for me in that I am more easy going and handle life’s daily pressure much better now. I feel more at peace with myself and life. The little things that I used to make into big things now are little as they should be.
Jane StevensonSpring Hill, FL
Today is my 18th day using my Alpha-Stim®. After two long years of panic attacks, anxiety and depression I can honestly say I am 100% BETTER!!!!!!!!! I was having at least two panic attacks daily.....NO MORE......The Alpha-Stim® totally relaxes me and doesn't let the panic attack take hold.

My depression is improving daily...I find my interest I had lost in so many things is returning and I am looking forward to things and enjoying life. THANK YOU....ALPHA-STIM for making all of this possible
Nabil Drief
London, England
I have been suffering with anxiety and depression intermittently for a very long time and have been prescribed medications to combat its adverse symptoms. However after some stressful events I seemed to be relapsing into a debilitating depressive episode with frequent panic attacks. I tried many alternative therapies but was unable to find a remedy that would sufficiently alleviate the symptoms.

I stumbled upon the Alpha-Stim® website after a search for depression treatments and ECT in particular. What I found on the site initially aroused my scepticism, but I found that there was enough rich and detailed information for me to purchase product.

It has helped me immeasurably, the panic attacks have withered away and my mood is balanced. The results are almost immediate and after only a few treatments you can feel it working. I dont know what I would have done without it!
Cindy WilsonColumbus, OH
I wanted to let you know of my success with the Alpha-Stim® SCS system. I have suffered with acute anxiety for over two years and was introduced to this product by my psychiatrist. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first. Now, some two months later, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

When I feel an anxiety attack approaching, I can immediately use my Alpha-Stim® unit and get relief faster than taking anxiety medicine. I have been quite impressed with your product and have recommended it to others. My anxiety has not gone away completely, but it has been significantly reduced by using your product.

Thank you for making such a great product available to those of us who struggle with anxiety and are looking for treatment with something other than traditional medicines. It really does work.
S. P.
Austin, TX
The Alpha-Stim® has definitely improved my quality of life - quickly. A close friend had just gotten hers, felt immediate relief from anxiety, and suggested that I go to her therapist. I was in the midst of a severe bout of depression and anxiety with stomach problems brought on by anxiety when I went to her therapist and was introduced to the Alpha-Stim®. I noticed a marked improvement in the way I felt in just a few days. At first, I used it a lot and for as long as it took to relieve the anxiety. Sometimes I used it for hours! I have had my Alpha-Stim® for close to 6 weeks and cannot believe how much better I am. For me what has worked is using it at least 3-4 times a day, along with therapy. I finally feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can't believe how much better I am physically and emotionally. It is as if my nervous system has calmed down and I can think clearly again. I am also sleeping much better and feel more rested in the morning. As soon as I feel the anxiety coming on, I put on my Alpha-Stim®.

I am grateful to you for creating this wonderful product. Please use this testimonial if you wish so that others my benefit from my experience.
Robert Langevin
Orange City, FL
I have suffered from anxiety 7 years. About six month ago, I attempted to stop taking a pain medication that I had been using for 11 months for severe pain. For me, a level 10 equals, “I want to die” and a level 1 is wonderful. When I tried to stop the medication, I woke my wife at 4:19 a.m. and told her I wanted to die. I was at a level 10. We went to a hospital E.R. and I was admitted for 4 days. After I was released, I remained at a level 6 or 7 all the time. One evening we saw a CBS evening news special about the Alpha-Stim® and its ability to treat anxiety. I called CBS local station and got the name of a doctor in my general area who provides the equipment and information on it. I decided to try the device. At present, after about 60 days use, most of my days I am at a level 2 to 3 and occasionally a 1. I have reduced my dose of Xanax by 50%. Since the only difference in my life has been the Alpha-Stim® device, I have to believe that it is the direct cause of my improvement. So I believe it is fair to say that it must be the cause of my improvement.
Lee JonesClanton, AL
My name is Lee, and I have had a history of both depression and anxiety since 1971. For years I tried various antidepressant medications, which brought a small measure of relief for these problems. About two years ago, I read about your Alpha-Stim® therapy and a healthcare professional wrote me a prescription, so I could give your technology a try.

I have been using the Alpha-Stim® for almost two years. First, I'd like to comment on how calm and relaxed I feel while using the unit. Within minutes after turning on the Alpha-Stim®, all worry thoughts are gone, and I am able to let go and feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation. I love it. But the benefits haven't stopped there. Overall I am a much calmer and accepting person who is more frequently able to "act rather than react" in my life. I no longer have any crippling depressive moods and am relatively free of anxiety.

Words fall short in expressing the depth of gratitude I feel toward your company for making such an effective treatment available for people like me who have suffered from depression and anxiety!



Candace Schoonover, PA-C
Davis, CA
I am thrilled with my Alpha-Stim®. It has really helped with my insomnia and I am now sleeping like a baby. It took about three weeks before I noticed a change there, but my anxiety level at work has changed dramatically (within 3 days of start).

I use it daily in the morning and find it helps my stamina at work, as well. Not energy, mind you, but real stamina. My patients love it too. Many of them would be able to give dramatic testimonials.
Sacramento, CA
Before I used the Alpha-Stim® I had a problem with insomnia, I was waking up about 2 AM and then wasn’t able to go to sleep again until about 6AM.

After I started using the Alpha-Stim®, this problem was resolved and I have not had the insomnia since.

Three cheers for Alpha-Stim® and Dr. Hake who recommended it to me!
Fred HughesCorvallis, OR
I had the Alpha-Stim® 100 recommended by my therapist for insomnia. I have been dealing with poor sleep for about five years trying various remedies from meditation to several different sleep drugs. I have been using the Alpha-Stim® 100 now for about three weeks and have been able to cut my usage of Ambien by about 80 or 90% and the bonus is that there are no side effects! I am very pleased and surprised by the results as I have tried virtually everything else and nothing has even come close to working this well. I am also using it for pain from a torn rotator cuff and seen the pain and discomfort diminished to the point where I may be able to avoid surgery.

Overall, I am more than just pleased with all the results and plan to continue using the Alpha-Stim® 100 for as long as it is needed. Thank you so much for your product and the results.
Carmela DeNobile
Davis, CA
I have lived with diabetes for forty-four years, since the age of six. I have also been diagnosed with other autoimmune disorders such as Epstein-Barr/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Restless-Leg Syndrome. These syndromes have caused a multitude of symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety/depression, and a chronic overall sense of not feeling well. In April 2004, I underwent emergency surgery due to a spinal infection. While undergoing physical therapy after my surgery, my physical therapist suggested that I try the Alpha-Stim® SCS, because she believed it could help with some of the symptoms that were making my recovery from spine surgery more difficult; namely, insomnia, RLS, anxiety. She began treating me with the Alpha-Stim® for twenty minutes, two to three times a week I noticed a significant difference in my symptoms after only three or four uses.

The most notable change was my ability to remain in deep sleep throughout the night. I began to notice how well rested I felt upon awakening. The disruption of sleep caused by Restless-Leg Syndrome also diminished. I also became aware that when I missed my physical therapy appointments and had not used the Alpha-Stim® for three or more days, my symptoms returned. I made the choice to purchase an Alpha-Stim® SCS for my own use at home. Many insurance companies will cover some of the cost, as mine did. I started by using it everyday, for one hour, the first two weeks, as recommended by the maker. After two weeks, I was able to reduce the number of days, as well as the length of time, to every other day for one-half hour, which is the schedule I am currently following.

I continue to enjoy deep, restful sleep, with no annoying disruptions from RLS. Sleeping well at night allows me to feel well rested and more energetic upon awakening. My anxiety/depression levels have been greatly reduced, and I have an overall sense of wellness. I would highly recommend the Alpha-Stim®, for at-home use, to anyone who suffers from similar symptoms. Thank you Alpha-Stim® for giving myself back to me!
Mark HansenWoodstock, IL
I have had a severe sleeping disorder ever since serving as a Marine in Viet Nam. Additionally, as a result of my "experiences" there, I also suffer from anxiety attacks and other "conditions."

I have been dealing/coping/enduring these and other issues for over 38 plus years. I would experience severe sleeping disorder bouts at least 2-3 times a year. I finally sought help and have been on many different medications for the past 14 years.

However, in the past, when I could not fall asleep at night I almost always fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion about the time I was supposed to get up and go to work.

This past May (2006), I began what would eventually be a 6 week bout without being able to fall asleep at night. However, for the first time, I did not/could not fall asleep as I had been able to do in the past. I gave up and tried to take a nap later in the day and still could not fall asleep. That night, and for what would go on for the next 6 weeks, I could not sleep at all!

After the better part of a week, I finally called my Psychiatrist and he "upped" the dosages on my medication. When that didn't work we changed medications. This went on for weeks and nothing was working! I flat out could not sleep!

Days had now turned into weeks. I was now psyched out, I could not think straight, and I had become desperate. Every day and every night was an eternity. I was exhausted, suffering, my mind was not thinking rationally, and I started feeling hopeless and was now feeling depressed. I did not know what was happening to me. I had never felt this "bad" or this "way" before. I was in such bad shape mentally that I actually started thinking of taking my own life, anything but this pain and mental anguish I was experiencing.

My Psychiatrist finally put me on 30 milligrams of Valium, 100 milligrams of Seroquel, 600 milligrams of Lithium, and a "new" Patch for Depression (Selegiline transdermal System). He also told me that I had slipped into "deep clinical melancholy Depression." There was nothing more he could do for me medicinally and based on my "condition," he recommended Electro Convulsion Therapy. These new medications "knocked me out," and I started getting sleep, but I was in the throes of deep depression. Although desperate, ECT still sounded very radical.

My Sister had been scouring the internet for anything related to Depression and came upon your site. I called "Karl," got my Psychiatrist to prescribe Alpha Stim and ordered it. It didn't happen overnight, but after about 3 weeks I started making "baby steps" out of my depression. I have used it every other day since then, and came out of depression in late August. As a precautionary measure, even though I thought I was almost back to "normal," my Psychiatrist still has me on the same medication.

I believe Alpha Stim made a significant difference in my recovery and highly recommend it to anyone with sleeping problems, anxiety attacks, and depression.


James FoleyPalisades, CA
For many years I have wanted to send a letter thanking you for selling me the Alpha-Stim 100. It has been an integral part of my life, especially since I have severe lower back problems. I have been using it since 1993 and it still works perfectly. Since then, I have never needed any type of pain pills for my back or any muscular disorder. I also clip it on my ears every morning to start my day as it seems to get me focused and result in greater efficiency in my business affairs. I have never before sent a letter praising the attributes of any product, but unless anyone has experienced chronic pain, they couldn't begin to understand the true meaning of pain relief.
Stephanie CollitonFour Lakes, WA
This is to let you know how VERY thrilled I am with my Alpha-Stim®. It has done wonders to control my pain. I no longer take pain pills 4 times a day. My husband has even remarked that I must be feeling a lot better because I am actually combing my hair and putting earrings and lipstick on. In others words taking some time to make myself look presentable because I am not so consumed with pain. ... Again a BIG THANK YOU.
Jeanne Wharton, RN
The last 20 years have been a 'concentration camp' experience for me. The worst was the 10 year period of daily migraines. The other 10 years found me disabled and homebound and usually bedridden. I am an RN with considerable alternative health experience, so I have tried every treatment option I could find.

Six weeks ago I was still homebound and having to manage breakthrough migraines several times a week as well as overwhelming fatigue. Then I started the Alpha-Stim®.I would say that there has been a paradigm shift in my health. The frequency of breakthrough migraines is approaching zero and my energy level seems to be improving daily. This is unquestionably the best treatment response I have had.

I am confidently looking forward to discontinuing my RX's, my apprehensions; and getting a life back.
Ralph Rust
Eugene, OR
My wife got the Alpha Stim 100 in 2005 while going through therapy for back and muscle pain. I started using the Alpha Stim 100 to see if it would relieve the pain I have suffered in my knee since I had surgery on it over 4 years ago. After only 2 days of using the electrotherapy stimulator the pain has disappeared. I would not have believed this was possible if I had not experienced it for myself.
Craig A. Watts
Shreveport, LA
I have been using the Alpha-Stim® 100 for about three years now. Prior to that I suffered from serious migraine headaches that would sometimes last for several days. After many failed attempts to find a medication that would help, my barber recommended I try his Alpha-Stim® 100. Hesitant at first, I gave in. I immediately purchased an Alpha-Stim® 100 from a physical therapist in the area. As a result I have been migraine free for over two and a half years.

I have recommended it to several friends and clients who suffer from various ailments. Hopefully they will give it a shot too.
Doreen Murphy
Bryan, TX
I have been suffering for many years with fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis, both of which have caused chronic fatigue and a lot of pain.

As a result of this I was unable to function normally and was given several different medications with bad side effects. The last medication, Lexapro, which I started taking in June of this year at a low dosage increasing to a normal dosage gave me a headache that caused me incredible pain. Much worse than any migraine I had ever suffered. The pain was on top of my head and I could actually put my finger on the spot as if I had been struck with a sharp instrument. Eventually the headache turned to shooting pains and became unbearable.

Dr. Pocurull of the Arthritis & Osteoporosis Clinic- Brazos gave me cortisone injections in my shoulders which relieved the pain somewhat, but three weeks later he had an Alpha-Stim® 100 microcurrent stimulator sent to me in the mail. I then stopped taking the Laxapro and started treatment with the Alpha-Stim®. After about two weeks, I found I had an improvement in my pain level and my energy level. After six weeks from the time I stopped the Lexapro the headache is almost gone and I am feeling so much better.

I believe I will not need to take any more antidepressants or pain pills. With this Alpha-Stim® I am confident I will be able to function normally once again without any side effects.