Continuing Education (CEU)

CES and MET Certification Workshops

Presented by Kenneth A. Shultz, EdD, PS, Brooks Oglesby-Junk, BSN, MSN, RN, APRN, PMHNP, ANP and Jay Halaj, PhD


In-service Trainings

Allevia Health offers in-service trainings for healthcare practitioners in person or by Zoom. These trainings focus on reviewing treatment protocols, technical aspects of the technology and recommendations on how to effectively integrate Alpha-Stim into clinical practices. Please contact us to schedule an in-service for you and your staff with our senior consultant, Jay Halaj, PhD or our regional representatives.


Webinars are available through the Alpha-Stim manufacturer, Electromedical Products International, Inc., in Mineral Wells, TX. The CES and MET education webinar with Josh Briley PhD, FAIS, Science and Education Director, offers a comprehensive introduction to the Alpha-Stim for healthcare professionals. To register, please visit:

Certification Workshops*

Allevia Health also offers certification workshops. Our seminars review the research, regulatory status and clinical applications of CES and MET, safe and increasingly popular non-pharmacological modalities for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and pain. CES combines well with psychotropic medications, CBT, EMDR and biofeedback therapies and can be invaluable as a clinical tool of every mental health practitioner.

The workshop includes discussion of several patient case studies from a clinical psychology practice and also explores the role of CES in the process of memory reconsolidation with exciting new implications for psychological trauma treatments.

Throughout the workshop, detailed information is provided on how to incorporate CES into clinical practice. Ample time for questions is available. Additionally, certificates of proficiency in Alpha-Stim® CES and MET from Electromedical Products International, Inc. are awarded as part of this workshop.

Primary learning objectives:

  • Gain understanding of the FDA regulatory status of CES and MET, and the fundamental differences between CES and MET and other electromedical modalities indicated for the treatment of pain and mental disorders.
  • Gain understanding of the research, including clinical trials, and postulated mechanisms of action of CES and MET.
  • Gain understanding of the general principles of using CES in a clinical practice.
  • Explore issues that can arise in clinical practice by discussing actual clinical vignettes of patients using CES and MET.
  • Gain understanding of the role and benefits of CES in the context of prescribing psychotropic medications.
  • Explore a new explanatory model of CES in the context of theories of brain neuroplasticity and memory reconsolidation.
  • Explore the role of CES and MET in the context of relationships between chronic pain, mental health conditions and trauma.
  • Gain understanding of the basic protocol of administering CES and MET.

Certification Workshops

Tuition:$150.00/$120 by early registration deadline

NOTE: 50% tuition refund if cancelled two weeks prior to seminar; no refunds thereafter.


* Available CEUs

Approved by NASW (Oregon Chapter) for 7 hours of clinical CE.