Alpha-Stim® in your Practice

Alpha-Stim for mood and pain disorders

Alpha-Stim® is a medical device used worldwide by physicians, healthcare professionals, more than 90 Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals and in many US Department of Defense (DOD) Centers worldwide as an effective, non-pharmacological choice for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain management.

Alpha-Stim® is a stand-alone therapy or may be used in conjunction with medications, behavioral therapies and other treatment modalities. Our devices can be used in a clinical setting or ordered for home use by patients.

The patients benefit because they receive a safe, efficacious and cost effective intervention that not only controls pain and may initiate or accelerate healing, but also normalizes numerous physiological control systems in the brain as evidenced by electroencephalographic (EEG) research, resulting in a much less anxious or depressed, more enthusiastic approach to a better quality of life.

Alpha-Stim In-Office Use and Prescribing

Insurance Billing

Alpha-Stim Professional Dispensing Program

Any decision to use Alpha-Stim with your patients should be based on the benefit conveyed to the patient in addressing their symptoms. We feel confident that the research confirms the efficacy and safety of the technology.

Many clinics choose to purchase Alpha-Stim devices to use in the office, or offer these for rent or loan to their patients on a trial basis. Patients who experience benefits from Alpha-Stim in your office and wish to purchase their own device may contact us for more information. Please see Prescribing for more information on how to refer a patient to us.

Both models of Alpha-Stim can be used in a clinical practice to treat pain using smart probes or earclips to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression. Each probe treatment takes about 2 to 5 minutes to perform. A single CES session is typically 20-60 minutes long. Pain and anxiety relief are typically experienced with even just one treatment.

For in-office visits utilizing the Alpha-Stim, there are several possible billing codes a practitioner can utilize. The most commonly used are physical medicine codes.  Please contact us for more information on in-office billing codes.

For best results, a patient with a chronic condition needs to treat on a regular basis for several weeks, so having a home device is most practical. If you prefer to dispense Alpha-Stim devices in your office rather than referring individual patients to our office to serve, we have a tiered discount (volume) purchasing schedule and quarterly blanket order plans available to licensed healthcare professionals to facilitate purchases of Alpha-Stim devices by clinics. Please contact us for more information on our Professional Dispensing Program.

Clinical Applications of Alpha-Stim

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Alpha-Stim for mood disorders

Treats anxiety, insomnia & depression with CES

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Alpha-Stim for pain management

Treats acute, chronic & post-traumatic pain with MET

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