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Do you have a refractory patient not responding to medication?

Imagine a safe and effective treatment for anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain … all in one simple-to-use device without the side effects of pain and psychiatric medication

What is Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-Stim is a state-of-the art prescription medical technology for the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain. Alpha-Stim utilizes a patented microcurrent waveform for unparallel performance and safety.

Depending on the indication, a very mild electrical current is either applied with earclip electrodes to the head (a method called Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) or directly to the muscle and/or joint with hand-held probes or self-adhesive electrodes (a method called Microcurrent Electrical Therapy). Both treatments are well tolerated and safe.

The Alpha-Stim Advantage

  • Low incidence of adverse effects.
  • More efficacious than most other forms of therapy.
  • Relatively easy to learn.
  • Alternative in cases refractory to conventional care.
  • Reduces or eliminates need for addictive medications.
  • May be applied on schedule or PRN.
  • May be self-administered by patients.
  • Cumulative timer.
  • Stand-alone or adjunct therapy.

Alpha-Stim in Your Practice

Alpha-Stim is FDA-cleared to treat four indications, including anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. Consequently, this unique technology can easily be incorporated into your practice, providing you with an effective treatment choice for your patients. Learn more how Alpha-Stim can complement your practice.

Alpha-Stim vs. Medication

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