AS-Trode™ Self-Adhesive Silver Electrode Pads

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AS-Trode™ self-adhesive silver electrodes (Pack of 4 Electrodes).


10-24 packs = $15.00 each


AS-Trode™ self-adhesive silver electrodes have been extensively researched by Electromedical Products International, Inc. to provide optimal transfer of the Alpha-Stim® patented waveform for best clinical results. For use with the Alpha-Stim® M, 100 and PPM stimulators.

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Models M, 100 and PPM.


You can extend the life of your AS-Trodes™ by following these simple rules:

Cleanse skin with mild soap and water to remove body oils, lotions, make-up and perspiration. Rinse
thoroughly to remove all soap residue and let dry before applying electrodes.

When applying electrodes, make sure there is “total contact” (no curling, gaps, etc.) with the skin.

Remove electrodes from the skin by lifting the edge of the pad, not by pulling them off by the lead wire.

Place electrodes on their protective backing and seal the bag after each treatment to prevent the gel from
drying out.

Once the gel becomes less sticky, apply two drops of the Alpha Conducting Solution™ to each pad to re-hydrate its surface.

When the gel loses its ability to adhere properly to the skin, it is time to replace electrodes.

If the connection between the lead wire and electrode becomes loose, you may lightly squeeze the outlet
where the lead wire plugs into the electrode.